Wood Altrnative Flooring

Why Wood Alternative Flooring May Be Right For You!

What are ‘Wood Alternative Flooring’ Products?

The term ‘Wood Alternative’ simply means that they are flooring options that are designed to represent a real wood floor but are not made out of wood. In most cases, these are planks or tiles that are made out of a composite core of either polymer or limestone mixed together to create a rigid and waterproof core. This is then overlayed with a vinyl, or PVC visual layer (to simulate wood or stone looks), and then coated with a clear wear layer for added durability.

There are two main types of wood alternative flooring products; WPC (Wood Plastic Composite), and SPC (Stone Polymer Composite). You are probably asking, “What’s the difference between WPC, and SPC?” Here are the key differences:

  • WPC is constructed with a core that contains wood powder or fibers. By adding wood fibers to the polymers you create greater acoustical properties and a less ‘laminate sound’.
  • On the other hand, SPC products have a core that is made up predominately of crushed limestone. The limestone gives SPC products greater rigidity and heat resistance but a lower acoustical property meaning it may sound more ‘clicky’ or hollow compared to it’s WPC counterparts. The attached pad in our Neptune Max and Elite collections helps reduce this hollow sound
  • Both offer ease of installation, and waterproof properties and are suitable for almost any room of your home.