Iberian Solid Plank

Woodhouse, Madrid Iberian Plank, Solid Wood Floor shown in a living room

Iberian Solid Plank Collection

seringa [ suhring-guh ] noun – any of several Brazilian trees of the genus Hevea, yielding rubber.

Our Iberian Plank flooring is made from seringa trees.  Seringa trees produce natural latex. Latex is used to make tires, medical and other scientific products. At 30 years, the trees stop producing latex and are harvested to make room for young seedlings. Previously, the wood was burned as firewood or to make charcoal which released the stored carbon, but not now.

  • Seringa
  • Width: 4-1/2 inches
  • Random Lengths up to 4 feet
Woodhouse, Iberian Plank Solid, Madrid Color Sample
Iberian Plank – Madrid Seringa – Solid
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WoodHouse Iberian Plank Barcelona Seringa solid flooring
Iberian Plank – Barcelona Seringa – Solid
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WoodHouse Iberian Plank Toledo Seringa solid wood flooring
Iberian Plank – Toledo Seringa – Solid
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