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WoodHouse Flooring Company believes that the more you know about WoodHouse flooring, the more likely you are to choose WoodHouse Flooring. We have gone to great lengths to provide the best hardwood flooring we can. We also choose the best dealers and installers to represent our floors to ensure the best flooring experience possible.

The goal of our postings here is to educate you about wood flooring.  We won’t make you an expert, but we will help you intelligently engage dealers, installers and others when shopping for your floor. We will help you ask the right questions, and have a better understanding of the answers you get. In the end we hope you will agree with us that WoodHouse is the smart choice, aesthetically economically and ecologically.

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Rubber plantation with rows of seringa trees

What is Seringa Wood

What is Seringa Wood? Seringa (se·​rin·​ga | \ sə̇ˈriŋgə \) is any of several plants of the genus Hevea.  Seringa goes...

Woman's high heel shoes on wood flooring

How is hardwood flooring tested and rated for dent resistance?

Wood Flooring Dent Resistance How is flooring tested for dent resistance? Many factors and variables come into play when determining how...