WoodHouse Fits Your BoHo Style!

You may have heard of the “boho” style that is becoming increasingly trendy. Whether it be clothing, decorations, or the overall makeup of a home; the carefree, comfortable, yet natural and cozy look is growing. More celebrities are pulling off this look through their clothing, and it’s becoming the normal attire for various music festivals. Typically, people who prefer this style of clothing want to carry it into other aspects of their life, such as their home. Designing and decorating a home allows you to express yourself. Your home should reflect exactly who YOU are…so are you ready to hop on this trend?

So, how do you pull off this look? One of the main features of a boho-inspired home is the use of rustic and natural looks. What is more rustic and natural than hardwood? Your choice of flooring is the most important piece to achieving this look. The rest is easy:

  1. Mix the natural floors and accents with as many colors as you desire…avoiding black
  2. Plants, lots of plants
  3. Implementing various textures and patterns
  4. Unique furniture

More information: BoHo Style Guide

Flooring Ideas

Go for a Lighter Look

WoodHouse Surf Break Oak Flooring

WoodHouse Surf Break Oak

WoodHouse Flooring offers a wide selection of wood flooring to complement your BoHo vision. From solid to engineered hardwood, light to dark, hickory to maple, we have the product that will meet your design needs. One of the most natural looking floors in the WoodHouse line is shown above: Surf Break from the Coastal Collection. With White Oak being one of the most popular wood flooring choices, this is a great choice. Remember how we said plants are a must? Figure 1 is a great example, and the light wood flooring goes perfectly well with the greenery and wood accents.


A Red-Brown Hickory to Complement your Colorful Vision

WoodHouse Sea Pine Hickory Flooring

WoodHouse Sea Pine Hickory

WoodHouse’s Sea Pine Hickory from the Coastal Collection is a great option if you are looking to incorporate various shades of orange/red in your décor. Hickory is one of the hardest species of wood flooring, making it extremely durable and long-lasting. Sea Pine Hickory, shown in Figure 2, offers a natural look while bringing some color into the room. The furniture in this room is minimal, but the patterns and color compilations of pinks, oranges, and blues make it a beautiful boho bedroom.




Slightly Darker, but Filled with Character

WoodHouse Madrid Solid Seringa Flooring

WoodHouse Madrid Solid Seringa

If you want to go the Solid Prefinished route, Madrid Seringa from the Iberian Plank Collection is a great choice. Although it is slightly darker, the beautiful color variation and warm glow makes it a great option to fit your design needs. Figure 3 includes less vibrant colors, but the wood textures and unique white walls create that boho aesthetic. Not to mention Seringa wood is a great ecological choice, and it is less susceptible to damage in difficult climates.




WoodHouse offers a wide selection of quality prefinished hardwood flooring, and customer satisfaction is our main priority. Whether you are going for the boho look or not, by choosing a WoodHouse floor you are investing in a “Family Heirloom From Day One.”

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