WoodHouse Story

The WoodHouse Story

A WoodHouse floor isn’t just seen or looked at, it is experienced. Like any high quality flooring, WoodHouse floors acquire character as they age. They record the passing of time, storing memories of family events and milestones. You never really own a WoodHouse floor, you become its steward until you pass it on, to your family or another lucky family or person. That’s what we mean when we say “A Family Heirloom From Day One.”

Vintage photo of camera and camping utensils
Vintage baseball mitt and glove

A family heirloom doesn’t need to be expensive or rare. They are often handmade, with love and care. By definition, an heirloom always holds memories. Looking at a family heirloom helps us to relive a time with a loved one or a special event or period from the past. WoodHouse floors will be a family heirloom from the day it is installed.

Each of our floors are made with care, always remembering our heirloom promise. Whether you install solid or engineered wood flooring from WoodHouse, you will experience the warmth and comfort only a quality wood floor can deliver.  Be they the best of times or the worst of times, life lived on a WoodHouse floor is better than life lived on something else.

Vintage Globe