Solid Hardwood Flooring

Traditional Solid Hardwood Flooring

Profile view of Solid wood flooring
Profile of Solid Wood Flooring

Solid Hardwood Flooring’s Charm

Solid Hardwood Flooring’s desirability has endured for centuries and for good reason. Hardwood is a natural insulator, making hardwood flooring warm to the touch when compared with tile, vinyl and other synthetics. WoodHouse hardwood flooring is barefoot worthy. That warmth extends to the look of hardwood flooring as well. Providing a calming elegance to any room, hardwood flooring is the choice for new home builds and existing home remodels.

WoodHouse solid hardwood floors add lasting resale value to your home as well. Statistics show that homes with wood floors have a decided advantage in real estate sales over homes with carpet or vinyl flooring. This enduring quality is why we say WoodHouse flooring is “A Family Heirloom From Day One”

Wood Flooring and the Environment

Trees are one of the best removers of carbon from our atmosphere. However, as they get bigger and older, they start to loose their efficiency for sequestering carbon from the air. Responsible forest management ensures that we have the resources to make wood products, like WoodHouse flooring, while at the same time, maximizing the forest’s ability to clean the air we breath.

Your wood floors represent large amounts of carbon that has been removed from the air. Along with nutrients from the soil, water and sunlight, that carbon has been transformed into that beautiful surface you walk, play and live on.

As long as your heirloom quality WoodHouse floor remains, the carbon used to make it remains out of the atmosphere.

Your choice to install WoodHouse solid hardwood floors is smart on many levels, economically, aesthetically and environmentally.