WoodHouse University

WoodHouse University

Below, find tips and help on installing, and maintaining WoodHouse flooring. Learn secrets how the best installers install WoodHouse and tips from dealers and owners on how to best care for your new WoodHouse floor. Also find dates and times for workshops designed to make you the best installer possible.

WoodHouse Flooring Rolling Dunes Hickory

Hickory Flooring

Hickory Flooring Our sales research at WoodHouse shows that hickory is trending. And why shouldn’t it? Hickory is the hardest wood...

WoodHouse Onieda Oak Flooring

Boho Flooring Ideas: Hop on the Trend!

WoodHouse Fits Your BoHo Style! You may have heard of the “boho” style that is becoming increasingly trendy. Whether it be...

Historical Home Restoration Flooring

Replacing Wood Flooring in Historical Homes Mental preparation Whether this is a whole house restoration or just required maintenance, WoodHouse salutes...

Rubber plantation with rows of seringa trees

What is Seringa Wood

What is Seringa Wood? Seringa (se·​rin·​ga | \ sə̇ˈriŋgə \) is any of several plants of the genus Hevea.  Seringa goes...

Woman's high heel shoes on wood flooring

How is hardwood flooring tested and rated for dent resistance?

Wood Flooring Dent Resistance How is flooring tested for dent resistance? Many factors and variables come into play when determining how...